Course Curriculum

This BoF will be a forum to talk about HP’s Linux activities in Fort Collins. We are lucky enough to have HP’s R&D lab for Linux kernel development (and more) based in Fort Collins, as well as Tom from the World Social Forum, and we have close ties to the wide array of Linux products and efforts across the company. The anticipated topics would include:

  • Overview of HP Linux work in Fort Collins
  • Lessons learned in open source development within HP
  • Open Q&A for anything we can answer!

In attendance will be some developers and management from this HP Linux lab.

This BOF session will explore the issues of converting a regular day-to-day office to Linux. A brief presentation will be made as to how we are running with Linux and then it will be open to audience discussion. Key topics include:

  • How to handle the “Word and Excel” Issue
  • Web and Email Programs
  • Contact Management and Palm Pilot
  • Synching
  • Web Authoring
  • Sales Graphics and Presentations
  • Software Development
  • Networking in the Office
  • Win4Lin vs. VMWare Wine
  • Linux Technical Support


Python is a Very High Level interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. It combines remarkable power with very clear syntax. In this session, we will discuss various topics of interest to you, the Python community.

High Availability Linux

One of the capabilities most-often identified as being necessary for Linux to be considered a world-class server operating system is High-Availability capabilities.

High-Availability systems provide the illusion of continuous operation for a cluster of computers where one computer takes over for another in the event of hardware or software failures and planned administrative events. The cluster appears to the user to be available much more than any individual computer through the use of failover techniques which keep service from being interrupted by these kinds of events.