Speakers At Cliq

The speaker lineup is nearly complete for CLIQ 2001! Speaker coordinator Liz Coolbaugh has done a terrific job pulling together some of the most well known individuals in the Linux community to discuss topics that will interest everyone from developers to business leaders.

Big News!: Our keynote speaker has been confirmed: David A. Sifry, CTO of Linuxcare! More details on his keynote speech will be made available soon.

The current lineup includes the following talks (event day schedule will be forthcoming):

Keynote David A. Sifry, CTO of Linuxcare.

Bio: David Sifry, Linuxcare co-founder, is a recognized expert on open-source development and the Linux operating system. Himself an open-source developer, Sifry has contributed code to such projects as GNU Emacs, Majordomo, packetrace, jitterbug, and to the Linux kernel itself. In addition, he managed the development of SecureVPS, an open-source virtual private networking server for Linux. He is currently the architect and lead developer of GCTP, the Group Calendaring Transport Protocol, and OpenFlock, an open-source implementation of a GCTP server. His service to the Linux community includes membership on the Board of Directors of Linux International and the vice-presidency of the Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG). He has served as an advisor on free software matters for companies including Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and IBM.

Jon Lasser

Although GNOME and KDE have made it easier to use Linux, the real power of Linux is in its command line. This talk will introduce the basics of the Linux command line and provide a tantalizing taste of its possibilities. Topics covered will include a brief introduction to ‘man pages,’ the standard Unix documentation; navigating the command line; and redirection and pipes.

Bio: Jon Lasser is Senior Systems Administrator at SkyNetWEB-Affinity, blogger behind Devastations.net, columnist for Web Hosting magazine, and the author of Think Unix (2000, Que), an introduction to Linux and Unix for power users. He has been involved with Linux and Unix since 1993 and is lead coordinator for the Bastille Linux project. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife Kathleen and their three cats. See the Slashdot review of Jon’s text.

Porting To Debian

Porting Linux to a new CPU architecture is an interesting mix of exasperation and the joy of discovery. To deliver a complete distribution requires effort in each of the kernel, toolchain, and application development spaces. This talk will provide an overview of the process, then compare and contrast Debian’s ongoing efforts with PA-RISC and IA-64. Along the way, unique tools and processes Debian uses to maintain more actively supported architectures than any other Linux distribution will be explored.

Bio: By day, Bdale Garbee manages a team at Agilent Technologies that architects and maintains technical computing infrastructure used by R&D and Manufacturing engineers who build electronic test and measurement instruments. Outside of Agilent, he builds pieces of amateur radio satellites, and is a long-time contributor to the Free Software community.