CLIQ 2000
Saturday, April 1st, 2000
Denver Marriott Tech Center
8AM - 6PM

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$35000 from 1PLs
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CLIQ is proud to announce our list of sponsors for this event!  We have 8 confirmed general sponsors (plus a network sponsor) and are no longer seeking general sponsors.  However, if you are interested in sponsoring a specific part of this event (cost and provisions open to negotiation), please contact the CLIQ Chairman, Michael J. Hammel (
Softpro Books
Computer bookstore, carrying books on all computer related topics including a full range of Linux products.
Denver and Boulder, CO and Burlington and Marlborough, MA
Xi Graphics, Inc.
X Window System products, including the AcceleratedX X server, Motif, and CDE for Linux, FreeBSD and other Unix systems.
Denver, CO
Providing a full range of Linux related products.
Denver, CO
Linux system services, maker of XVscan and the KRUD Linux distribution.
Ft. Collins, CO
Linux Journal
The premiere print publication for the Linux community.
Seattle, WA
Your Linux community news source
Boulder, CO
Aspen Systems, Inc.
A premier source of computer workstation, server, rackmount, cluster, and RAID technology and support for the Linux community.
Wheatridge, CO
eSoft, Inc.
Develops and delivers innovative Linux-based Internet applications and Internet connectivity solutions for small and medium sized businesses.
Broomfield, CO
Plus Ten, Inc.
A high-speed wireless data service provider, including both local
and regional connectivity in the 1Mb to 1Gb range.
Denver, CO

Many vendors have expressed an interest in doing something extra to help with this event.  If you would like to consider sponsoring a speaker, or perhaps a closing keynote, please contact © 2023