Vacuum Sealing Saves the Day

Vacuum Sealing

One of the great things about stores like Costco or Sam’s is that you can buy things in bulk. One of the bad things about buying in bulk, however, is the waste that sometimes is associated with it when you cannot consume everything before it spoils. However, there is a pretty simple solution that can save you both money and help prevent unnecessary waste. That handy little device is called a vacuum sealer.

Vacuum sealers are small appliances that remove the air from plastic food preservation bags and then applies heat sealing technology to ensure the air stays out of the bags. These little machines are perfect for helping you store and save food with minimal waste. Uncomplicated to use, you can be vacuum sealing in no time. Depending on the size and maker of the sealer you are looking for, they can run from $35.62 all the way up to $1000. You can buy a nice one for home use with great reviews for about $55.

Now you know what they are and you know what they cost, let’s talk about all the great things they can do. Let’s start by talking about our bulk food like meats and veggies. These are the ideal candidates for vacuum sealing. Let’s say you plan on cooking pork chops for dinner, there are ten in a package, but you only need four. Just take them out, split them up, run them through the vacuum sealer, and put them in the freezer.

Now you are ready to grill up some yummy chops any time you want, just grab what you need, and you are ready to go. You can also seal up any of the leftovers for tasty lunches throughout the week. Also perfect for veggies, you can put the amount you know your family will eat for the week in the fridge and the rest can go in the freezer for next week! Already saving trips to the store and keeping food waste to a minimum.

We have learned that a vacuum sealer is a miracle worker for food preservation and penny-pinching but can also do a lot other neat things. If you like to knit, you know the space that all those yarns can take up and the mess they can become. Try vacuum sealing it to save space and keep them separated for easy use. Vacuum sealing can also keep those precious family photos or important documents safe from the elements. Once vacuumed sealed, they can be stored without the worry of water, dust, and insects destroying them. You can even store special mementos like a baby blanket or special stuffed animal as a keepsake for your children. For a very reasonable investment; you can save yourself, time, money and headache by using vacuum sealing.

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