CLIQ 2000
Saturday, April 1st, 2000
Denver Marriott Tech Center
8AM - 6PM

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Birds of a Feather (BoF) Sessions

In response to requests from attendees at other conferences, as well as open forum postings about the format conferences should take, CLIQ has designated up to four rooms to be used by attendees for discussions on any topic.  Each room holds aproximately 40 people.  Whiteboards and easels can be provided, if requested.  The rooms are open to anyone who wishes to reserve a 90 minute time slot for discussions related to the Linux and Open Source communities.  Attendence to these discussions is open to all paid full conference attendees, up to the occupancy limits specified by the hotel.

If you would wish to schedule a slot of your BoF session, please email, specifying the BoF id (B1 - B10), topic, and BoF leader contact name and email address.

Room Assignments:
B1,3,5,7,9 - Iris
B2,4,6,8,10 - Bluebell
B11 - Larkspur

B1:  10:00 AM - 11:20 AM - High Availability
Leader:  Alan Robertson (

In association with the LinuxFailSafe seminar which is to be held on Friday, March 31st (the day before CLIQ), Alan Robertson, Lars Marowsky-Bree, Volker Wiegand and developers from SuSE, SGI, TurboLinux, Mission Critical Linux and many other companies will be on hand to discuss Linux in High Availability environments.

Alan Robertson leads the High-Availability Linux Project.  whose goal is to provide a high-availability (clustering) solution for Linux which promotes reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) through a community development effort.

B2:  10:00AM - 11:20AM - Small Business Conversion to Linux
Leader:  John Taber (

Dr. John Taber, President, Tabermatics, Inc.  will lead a discussion of the pain and gain of converting a small business to Linux and the business rationale for doing this.  This will be a very frank discussion of hardware, software, and even employee issues (ie. trying to explain to a secretary that we use GIMP not Photoshop).

Dr. John Taber is President of Tabermatics, Inc., a transportation software and modeling company.  John has worked throughout the transportation industry and is now focusing on better ways to plan our communities using technology.  John has a PhD in Civil Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer and thus, comes at computer technology from a very applied perspective.

B3:  11:30AM - 12:50AM - Linux Systems Administration
Leaders:  James Davis <>, Art Walker <>

James Davis and Art Walker, both Linux bigots dating their work with Linux back into the 0.X days and their Unix systems administration back so far they refused to disclose it, will provide an opportunity for Linux Systems Administrators to gather, meet each other, and discuss their experiences, problems and solutions.

B4:  11:30AM - 12:50PM - Java on Linux
Leader:  James C. Intriglia (, Sr. Systems Analyst/Developer, MGMA Center for Research

Jim Intriglia will engage participants interested in learning how to get started with Java on Linux.  Discussion topics shall include how to  run a Java software application on a Linux-based system, as well as tips for developers interested in Java system/software development on Linux.

Jim Intriglia is a developer of health care informatics and research systems for the Medical Group Management Associations' Center for Research.

B5:  1:00PM - 2:20PM - Debian GNU/Linux
Leaders:  Bdale Garbee (

This session will start with an overview of the Debian distribution, focusing on the attributes of Debian that make it different from (more desireable than?) other Linux distributions.  Where we go from there depends on what you want to know about Debian!   Several developers should be on hand, so stop by to meet a few of the hundreds of people behind Debian.

By day, Bdale Garbee is Technical Computing Manager for Agilent Technologies in Colorado Springs.  By night, he is one of the developers of Debian GNU/Linux.  He fills his remaining "copious spare nanoseconds" with Amateur Radio projects, including building pieces of amateur satellites in his basement.

B6:  1:00PM - 2:20PM - LDAP
Leader:  Donald Lutz, Chief Technologist, Data Transport Solutions

This BOF will look at the implementation of OpenLDAP and how the concepts of CIM and DEN can be applied and implemented in OpenLDAP. There will be further discussion on how OpenLDAP can be used as the complete repository for applications, devices, services, and users. 

B7:  2:30PM - 3:50PM - KDE
Leader:  Gary Meyer <>

Gary is a KDE developer, the author of kcron.  KDE is an award-winning graphical desktop environments for Linux.  This BOF will provide an opportunity for KDE enthusiasts to meet each other, exchange ideas and provide assistance to newcomers to the KDE desktop.

B8:  2:30PM - 3:50PM - Perl
Leaders:  Tom Christiansen and Nathan Torkington, authors of the Perl Cookbook from O'Reilly.

Tom Christiansen is an author and lecturer who's been intimately involved with Perl development on a daily basis since Larry first released it to the general public in
1987.  Coauthor of of Programming Perl, Learning Perl, and Learning Perl on Win32 Systems from O'Reilly and Associates, Tom is also the major caretaker of Perl's free online
documentation, developer of the Web site, coauthor of the Perl Frequently Asked Questions list, president of The Perl Journal, and frequent technical
reviewer for O'Reilly and Associates. Tom served two terms on the USENIX Association Board of Directors.

Nathan Torkington is from Ti Point, New Zealand.  He teaches Perl and writes and
edits for The Perl Journal. 

B9:  4:00PM - 5:20PM - Python
Leader:  Sean Reifschneider and/or Evelyn Mitchell,

Python ( is an open source object-oriented programming language which is gaining in popularity because it is easy to learn yet very powerful. The Python BOF will be discussing our success stories, projects of interest, discussing future directions of the language, and practicing Silly Walks.

Sean Reifschneider is co-founder and Senior Member of Technical Staff of, ltd. a Fort Collins-based Linux Consultancy. He's been using Python since 1996, ever since he tried on every other language and fell in love with Python.

Evelyn Mitchell is the Python Columnist for IBM developerworks, leader of FRPythoneers ( - the local Python Users Group, and co-founder/CEO of, ltd.

B10:  4:00PM - 5:20PM - Legislative Issues
Leader:  Jeff Jeffery Cann <

B11:  11:30AM - 12:50PM - Linux and Open Source in Education
Leaders:  Harry McGregor <> and Justin Zeigler <>

The speakers for the morning talk on Open Source in Education will remain available to lead discussions on any and all aspects of Linux and open source in the educational arena.

B12:  1:30PM - 4:50PM - Zope
Leader:  Paul Everitt, CEO, Digital Creations

The first 90 minutes will be a demonstration of the Zope Web development system, its features, capabilities and uses.  The second half of this BOF will be the informal Birds of a Feather discussion.

Zope is an extremely popular and rapidly developing open source web application server.  Paul Everitt, CEO of Digital Creations, the company that created Zope and chose to release it to the open source community, will be present to lead a BOF. © 2023