CLIQ 2000
Saturday, April 1st, 2000
Denver Marriott Tech Center
8AM - 6PM

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Exhibitor updates have been mailed and can be viewed online.

The talk summary and speaker bio for Jim Ready, of MonteVista Software, has been updated.  Please check the speakers page for more details.  The BOFs have also been filled out with more details.  It looks like the High Availability BOF will have representatives from SGI, SuSE and TurboLinux on hand.  Be sure to register for the Full Conference if you want access to the BOFs!

Exhibitors note:  the exhibit floor layout has been modified to move all exhibitors in closer together.  That will help in traffic flow and reduce our costs for pipe and drope.  Which brings up another point - CLIQ managed to squeeze the budget enough to throw in pipe and drape for all exhibitor booths except those along the back wall (ie Compaq, the LUGs and the Email Garden won't have it).  All booths now get 8' tables with skirting, an 8' back wall, two chairs, a trashcan, and a name plate hanging on the back wall of the booth.  Colors are green and white for all skirting and drape.

First, the schedule for the Birds of a Feather Sessions are just about complete.  Since we've only had one request for the Demo room, we're going to open that room up, either for the Press or for more Birds of a Feather sessions.  If you're interested in holding your own BoF Session, contact Liz Coolbaugh right away so we can be sure to fit you into the schedule.

Next, we've had quite a few more exhibitors contact us, including Cobalt and Loki.  We're excited to be adding these two well known Linux stallwarts to our already strong list of exhibitors!

Registration for exhibitors will close, unofficially, on Wednesday, March 22nd.  This is to allow us time to get the programs printed with an accurate exhibit floor diagram included.  However, if you are still considering exhibiting, let us know.  Just because you didn't make the program doesn't mean you can't have a booth!

Compaq Computers will be sponsoring our registration systems.  They've promised us 5 desktop systems with flat screen displays, a server system and possibly a thin client as well!  Be sure to stop by their booth too - looks like they may be having some drawings for hardware!!  More info on this as it becomes official.

EXHIBITORS NOTE:  Exhibitor registration will close on March 20th.  The hotel needs the exhibit floor layout by the 21st so we need to know where everyone is going to be located by then.  Send your checks and top 4 booth choices as soon as possible!  There is an online form you can print and mail back to us.  Be certain to include your booth choices!  That will save some time getting you registered.

We haven't officially announced the rest of our speaker line up yet because we're waiting on titles and abstracts.  We'll be posting to LinuxPR and Linux Weekly News as soon as we have that information.

Planning on attending?  Be sure to register early.  We only budgeted for 600 attendees, but we may be able to go to 1000.  Still, don't expect to just show up on the day of the show and expect to get in!  Preregistration by mail has been going well, so don't be left out!

All speakers have been confirmed!  We're just waiting on the title and abstracts for the talks.  We've also extended the show to run till 6pm in order to allow a 1 hour lunch break between the morning and afternoon talks.

The secure online registration system is now ready!  If you wish to register for the event by credit card, please fill out this form.  More information on registration can be found on the updated Attendee Registration page.

More good news on the speaker front:  Scott Draeker, founder and President of Loki Software, will be at CLIQ!  For more information on this and all talks, see the Speakers page.

We're proud to announce more of our terrific speaker line-up:

Jim Ready, CEO, Montavista Systems ( will speak about embedded systems and Linux.
Kevin Gorey, Director of Marketing, Linux Software, SGI will speak on SGI's focus and plans for Linux.
Rasmus Lerdorf, original author of PHP ( and a recent addition to the Linuxcare staff will talk about development using PHP.
Larry McVoy, kernel hacker, BitMover, Inc. ( will talk about scaling Linux for the enterprise.

The CLIQ board decided a few things at last nights meeting related to exhibitor and sponsor access to the event:

  • Exhibitors will get 4 exhibit only passes.  Full conference passes must be purchased seperately.
  • Sponsors get 3 full conference passes.
A room has been reserved (the Lupine Room) at the Marriott for Friday, March 31st, so vendors, press, and pre-registered attendees can pick up their badges.  We highly recommend you pick up your badges on Friday if you're preregistered to avoid what we think may be a pretty hefty line on Saturday morning.

The list of exhibitors is growing fast!  Check the Exhibit Floor Layout often for updates.  Exhibitors should note that the booths are allocated on a first paid, first served basis.  Send in your check and registration form - along with your top 4 booth requests - as soon as possible to help guarantee you get the booth spots you want.

Confirmations will start going out next week for registered exhibitors and preregistered attendees.  If you haven't received a confirmation yet, don't fret.  We haven't sent them out yet.  All confirmations will be emailed.

Registration deadline for exhibitors has been extended to March 17th, 2000.  The deadline for Attendee pre-registration is extended to March 24th.  We're doing this because we didn't give vendors enough time to prepare for this event, and many vendors have asked for some additional time.

Details on shipping and the exhibit floor network have been added.  Please see the Exhibitor Information page for more details.

The Travel and Hotel page has been updated.  Information on local hotels and restaurants is now available for our out of town visitors.

The number of talks has been expanded from 4 to 7.  We've gotten terrific feedback from both speakers and companies wishing to sponsor speakers.  Our first two confirmed speakers are Jon "Maddog" Hall of Linux International and VALinux and Dave Whitinger of LinSight/Atipa, one of the original founders of the popular Linux news site, LinuxToday!  More information on what maddog and Dave will be speaking on is coming soon, as well as more great speaker announcements!

We've signed Plus Ten, Inc., a local wireless networking startup to manage our exhibit floor network.  We're excited about welcoming Plus Ten on board to help with what is turning into a world class event!

CLIQ is proud to announce out two latest sponsors:  Aspen Systems and eSoft, Inc., both of the Denver metropolitan region.  Welcome aboard!

Welcome to the opening of the CLIQ web site!  We're excited about the upcoming event, a showcase for Linux, the local Linux community and for Linux companies in and around the Colorado Front Range.

CLIQ is currently in its final planning stages.  A number of sponsors have verbally agreed to sponsor the event and a contract for the venue was signed on Wednesday, January 12th, 2000.  Sponsors fees are coming in and we're starting to roll!  Speakers are being lined up, as are exhibiting vendors.  Registration for exhibitors and attendees will be begin in the next week or so.

Now that the venue has been contracted, more information on exhibitor and attendee registration, exhibit floor space, and deadlines will be forthcoming.  Stay tuned for more news! © 2023